Armenian Scammer's

ArmenianPassion has a strict dispute policy and is doing it's best to create a healthy community for the Armenians. Therefore based on a part of our dispute policy we are listing the name of those that tried to cheat the system, bought the membership, used the service, and filed a dispute to get a free service. These are individuals that take advantage of the system, use it, and file a dispute to get a free service. Therefore the member's registration time and date, their IP address gets recorded to be sent to the financial institution to catch these scammers. That is how we win our dispute cases and catch these scammers trying to take advantage of businesses. These actions are taken to ensure businesses would not be taken advantage of by these individuals. ArmenianPassion't goal is to create a clean and friendly environment for the members and will not tolerate anyone that violates the terms of the website that they agreed with upon signing up. The 4 actions below will be taken against those that violate the terms of the website mentioned in the dispute section of the terms page that they agreed with upon signing up. 

a) Member's IP address will be permanently banned from the website, the app, and all the other dating sites we own since we own multiple sites.

B) Member's name and IP address will be sent to the dating community and other websites to be red-flagged.  (Dating sites work together to eliminate those that t file disputes).

c) We win 99% of the dispute cases since your IP address and the terms of the website you agreed with are recorded. In case of a 1% chance that we don't win a case, your debt will be sent to the collection agency which they will be charging much more and you need to deal with them afterward, which will reflect on your credit report and could affect your credit score.

d) Member's name and IP address will be placed on the website scam list and will be coming up on the first page of Google under your name once Google updates the search result which could affect a negative impact on your credibility.


All question should be answered to avoid this page popping up